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Citrix and profile storage question

crp0499 asked
we have a citrix farm.  four servers.  when our users log in with program neighborhood, their profiles are stored on the citrix server that the load balancing assigns them to.  so, if over three weeks, our users get shuffled to each of our four servers, their profile is stored four times, on each server.

i used AD (both the TS profile path and the profile tab path) to try and force the profiles to be stored on our file server, but it didn't work.

how to I force our citrix users profiles to be stored in a diff location other than the server that they happen to log into at the moment?


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Make sure your Citrix servers are in their own OU.
Make sure you have a Server Lockdown policy in place.
Configure a Group Policy to do each of the following: Roaming Profile, Folder Redirection and Home Folders.
Make sure all your published applications have the same settings (screen resolution, color depth, encryption level)

The roaming profile will be copied up to the Citrix server when the users logs on and the updates copied back down when they log off.  You can set a Group Policy setting to deleted the cached copy of the roaming profile also.