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DFS namespace configuration

SMacaulay asked
Just seeting up DFS on a windows 2008 server.  It is my understanding that you can have one namespace folder have multiple targets.  I can enter the multiple targets but when I browse to the namespace share from a client I only see one of the targets and it is not the same on each client?!  

I created a namespace  \\company.org\user folder
Folder is users
I am trying to combine user directories from three different file servers so I added:

I expected to see all the user folders show up in the namespace share Users, is this not the way it is suppose to work?

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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems

When you connect to \\company.org\user, you're connecting to the DFS share.  You don't really know which server you're talking to and you don't really care.
If you're saying you have files that aren't replicating among your targets, go back into the DFS manager, right-click on the DFS root and Show Replication Information.  Make sure all targets are Enabled.  If not, bring up the properties for the DFS root, select the Repliation tab and click the "Customize" button to specify a replication topology.


This might be my confusion.  I do not really want to replicate this data, I just want to have one location that lists all of these target folders.  Am I missunderstanding how this works?
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems

Yes.  DFS replicates data among a group of shares.  It's intended to offer some resilliency in the event of hardware failure.
What you can do is create a single share on your network, then create shortcuts in that share to the various target folders.  Then, anyone accessing the share can simply double-click the shortcut to get to the destination folder.
Hold on a sec. This can work. DFS has two parts. DFR NAmespace and DFSR replication. You are right, you do not have to replicate data amongst targets. And yes, you can have shares on 3 different servers show up under one root folder.
So yoy navigate to \\company.org\users and see 3 subfolders; user1, user2 and user3. These can all reside on different servers and be seamless to the user.
You just need to add your 3 target shares under your root namespace. I don't have DFS running right now so I can't just open the console and tell you exactly what to do. But I should be able to give you some help based on memory.  


It finally clicked.  For this application I will need to create a new folder with a target folder.  But under my User namespace I can have multiple folders.  This will work.  With out using the DFS replication this will be the next best thing.