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Can you tell the name on a bank account from the account number?

DisJohn asked
I wrote a check to a company I deal with.  The company said they never received the check abd no payment was applied to my account with them but the check was cashed by a large bank where I live and it made it through my bank.

When I asked the bank for a copy of both the front and back of the check it was never endorsed.

There is a stamp with the account number of the person/company who cashed it.

Neither bank can/is willing to tell me the name on the bank account that the account number belongs to.  That would be the easiest way for me to get this cleared up without going through a fraudelent check process.

Is there any way to see what name (either corporation or individual) is linked to a bank account number?

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i dont believe there is. routing numbers yes.. but account numbers from different banks could easily use the same lengths and patterns.. such as Bank of America and Suntrust accounts both start with 1000 and are both 10 or 12 digits i cant find my checkbook
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No. Only an individual bank can connect an account number with the name of the account holder.

Is the cheque made payable to the company? If it is then you should just be able to show them copies of the cheque proving that it was written to them and has been cashed. They should at least realise that if it wasn't them who cashed it then they have a leak somewhere allowing their payments to go missing.
>>There is a stamp with the account number of the person/company who cashed it.

Generally, banks encourage the casher to open a local account, so that it is more guarenteed, and they know that this is a good customer and shows some seriousness to keep the money and keep doing a livlihood etc.

For example, what if the fellow cashes the check, and the bank finds later that the cash is not valid. they are not willing to lose money over a passing by stranger.

Also your bank is part of your team. They are obligated to tell you who cashed it, and they need to  help you in any way to trace it. Any good bank will. My bank has.

If the teller does not help in your bank, ask politely to ask the next level manager, and keep trying till you get the right official who understands your concern and is willing to bat for you.

Don't give up, John. You will see light shortly. Hang on tight.

I don't know this can be done or not. I did online bank transfers sometimes. For my bank, if the sender and recipient belongs to the same bank, it will show the name of the account owner. If not, it won't show.