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Create a DLL from C for Python/VB

PCBOP asked
I reference this file "kbdext.c" listed on http://www.docdroppers.org/wiki/index.php?title=Writing_Keyloggers (the listings are at the bottom).

I've been trying to compile this file into a dll for use in Python or Visual Basic, but have not succeeded. I'm not familiar with C or GCC to sort out the problems or do the dll compile correctly. (I also get an error about snprintf not being declared when doing a regular compile of all the files).

What are the steps I should do to make all functions (loadKeyboardLayout, unloadKeyboardLayout, convertVirtualKeyToWChar, getKeyboardLayoutFile) available to outside apps, and how should I go about creating a dll that will work with other programming languages (perhaps with SWIG?)?

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