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Outlook 2007 POP3 Account Missing Calendar and Contacts

Due to remodeling in the building, staff member unable to access exchange server from within the network.  Working from another location, staff member requested access to Outlook 2007 instead of OWA.  Configured new profile with POP3 settings which appear to work.  However, all folders under the Inbox are missing, there are no calendar entries, and no contacts.  
Client's Outlook is available on the terminal server.  Logged in as user.  All folders, the calendar and the contacts are available there.  He could just remote in to attend to emails but then he is not able to attach any files from the laptop if working in Outlook remoted into the terminal server.   Any suggestions on why the contacts and calendar entries are missing on the POP3 profile?
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Principal Consultant
POP3 does not support this.  You need to enable OutlookAnywhere (aka RPC over HTTPS) on your Exchange server and connect that way if you want to access all of your Exchange features from outside the network.
llarmeu nailed it.  POP3 will not support this.
You will need to reconfigure the end-user accounts after enabling RPC over HTTPS as they are currently configured as POP3
When you use POP3 to connect your exchnage server, it will not recognise your folders or your calendars. It will simply download all the emails in a PST file.

Outlook will not show the UI as it was showing before when used as MAILBOX.
The best way would be to configure Outlook to use RPC over HTTP and that will resolve the problem.


Thank you.