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Spring - hibernate full flow

royjayd asked
hi guys
I have been struts developer for last few years and now switching to spring.
In struts we had the following flow
jsp--> action form--> action class--> business delegate--> session facade--> ejb-->dao-->db

I have read few articles on spring and hibernate but i want the full flow from front end to back end while developing project in spring and hibernate.
I came up with this
jsp --> spring config file -->DAO  , is that it? or am i missing something?

if anyone can explain the full flow in spring and hibernate, i will greatly apreciate

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JSP-----> SpringConfigFlie ---------->Controller -----> after that depend upon ur project Architecture
as per ur old (Struts) project  
jsp--> SpringConfigFlie --> Controller class--> business delegate->dao-->HBM(hibernate config Flie throug POJO) -->DB
if u need validatior means ! flow will come like this
jsp--> SpringConfigFlie --> Validatior calss ---->Controller class-->  and so on .....


ok thanks. Is it possible for me to use plain sql and not hibernate query language? or is it mandatory to use the hibernate query language in spring-hibernate aplications.

ya u can use like create sessionFactory
but better u can go for HQL query bcz thats is directly mention ur POJO class name
which IDE ur using ?
create sessionFactory object


i am using eclipse. the thing is i dont want to depend on HQL since its propritery, tomorrow HQL can be replaced by something else, so I want to stick with sql. what is your opinion?

is there a project  (anywhere online) which shows a complete spring - hibernate application ?

you can use ...
but manul close all connection if u use native query means
if u use HQL mean then it  will automatically close ur connection ,open ur coneection flush kind of things ....
native query means u will do manully
u need sample code or porject  ??


yeah , a sample project (slightly complicated) which uses spring and hibernate will be great. thanks