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Microsoft Exchange 2007

JacqueP asked
Hi there,

When I update a mailbox Language setting using using cmdlets with the following command:
Set-Mailbox -Identity "User Name" -Languages "en-GB" it seems like Exchange takes quite a while before actually updating it.

Is this normal? Can you speed up how long it takes?

More information:

We have a customer that have English and German users on their network. For some reason the Out of Office subject line changed to German. Now, I do not know if It has always been like that or if it only changed recently.

But anyways, after many hours of researching on the internet, I found that changing the Languages setting with Set-Mailbox will change the language in which system message are sent out to and from that mailbox.

Thus, I ran the command on a test account, but it appeared that the settings have not changed. I continued my research as I assumed the problem was not fixed, I tried sendng another test message to the test user (with the OOF Assistant activated). Then the Out of Office message came back to me with the Subject line correct in english.

I then tried changing Languages back to de-DE and tested again. And again all messages came back to me in English. Then a few hours later it was German again. Etc etc.

Currently I have it set to en-GB and messages come back to me with the English subject line.

I am thinking and guessing that changing all mailboxes to 'en-GB' would solve my problem in a few hours, but I do not really want to go back to the customer with 'I think' and 'I guess' and 'I hope'.

If anybody could assist I would greatly appreciate it as I need to report back to them in a few hours.

So to recap, I just need to know if Exchange does take it's sweet time to apply changes and if so, Is there any way to speed that up?

Or have I just accidently changed something and now it works.

Any urgent feedback/assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Solutions Architect
Yes these kind of changes can take up to 2 hours to take effect, you can simply restart the information store to speed up the process


Thanks for your quick response Akhater.

I will give it a a go quickly and see if it works.

I will report back shortly.


Why did I not try experts-exchange many many hours ago.

I'm sure I would have saved myself many hours of research. But I must say I learnt A LOT about exchange in the process.

Thank you Akhater. Your advice was 100% spot on.

I make the changes, restart the Exchange Information Store and all settings take effect immediately.

Thanks a lot !!!
AkhaterSolutions Architect

glad to be of help :o)