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What MSDN / Developer Partner Program subscription do I need?

ou81aswell asked
I write COM addins for Excel and Outlook. I'm the only developer at my company.

Currently, I have purchased a single retail license for VS 2010 Pro and MS Office 2010.

I need to be able to install Office on a separate machine for testing purposes. I'd also like to be able to install VS 2010 on a secondary development machine.

Having to buy a separate license for each installation is too expensive.

Is there a developer program from Microsoft where in exchange for a yearly fee, they give me licenses to install VS 2010 AND Office 20xx on various test machines (all for my own use and no one else's)?

How much is it and how do I find out how to qualify for the program?


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MSDN Licensices are for those test machines..  you cannot use on production but when u ave vs2010 pro with msdn u can install everything comes with the msdn cd's only for test purposes