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Video card Or Not - Do i need it

intelogent asked

I just build a new machine... with a Asus P7h55-Mpro MOBO, and an i 3 530.  however the video display is lacking.  i find it hard to read the desktop icons ... there are shadows ( slightly )... i am using hte
MOBO video...
I realy do not want to spend the money , but do you think that normal static displaysw will be more briliiant with a graphic card.

i also notice that at 1280 x 1024   i get small text and every thing else... i have another machine with a graphic card... and it displays so much better..

i woul dlove to hear people's thoughts.

i am not talking about gaming here.
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I have found the on board video often stink it doesn't have sufficient memory or a video processing power. A lot of the time a cheap PCIx is a lot better then some of the best onboard video

You wouldn't normally need a video card for a non-gaming machine.  Are we talking about any graphic-intensive applications at all?  (CAD, Photoshop, Photo or Video editing)?  If not, then I think you'll find that the consensus is that onboard video would be fine.

Your options for making the display more readable would usually include changing the resolution, changing the font sizes in windows or changing the DPI settings.  I would not recommend changing DPI, some applications won't interpret it correctly and you'll get words getting clipped off (especially in web pages.)

That said, what is your operating system?  The instructions we would have for you are dependent on that.


my os is win 7...
and i find it uncomfortable at the above resolution

I install a lot of machines for users going from setups that looked better at 1024x768 to new machines that work well at 1280x1024, but I find that a lot of them prefer it at 1024x768.  You might try that, OR you could go change the size of icons and fonts in Win7.  You go to Control Panel, then Display.  In here you can choose smaller, medium or larger.  You can also set the resolution by clicking Adjust Resolution on the left there.  I'd recommend trying one or the other first, not both at the same time.



your talking about exactly what i found.
i just got rid of a Win 7 -- using my existing monitors 1280 x 1024... however this new machine it is not comfortable.. i really do not understand it. i woul dthink resolution is resolution... i find this new machine needs to be 1024 x 768.. That bothered me...
shouldn't resolution be resolution/?


also assuming i do go video....can someone make a recomendation... in the better cheaper  family... definately woul dnever consider a high end one.

I'd like to ask some other questions.  Is this the same monitor you had with the old machine, and is it a widescreen monitor?  Also, have you installed the latest video drivers for the onboard video?

As far as workhorse-type (cheap but reliable) video cards go, my company uses Jaton cards, they are viewed as highly reliable and my experience is that this is true.

This is a search of $25-$50 video cards on www.newegg.com, a major electronics shopping site, sorted by customer satisfaction rating:



yes it is the identical monitor... and i have the system side by side.. just for comparrisons.
also the mobo intel graphicas card is definately upto date...

i find it really interesting that not one of those cards ahs four stars...

Sort by 'Best Rating' over on the right, there's several cards with 5 star ratings.
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imo -  the onboard video is fine; you only need a better video card when you play games.
note that each monitor has a "native" resolution, at which it s display is best, sharp and crisp.
see what the newegg site says on it :  http://www.newegg.com/product/product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131623

i assume you installed the latest drivers for your mobo ?  if not, here they are (just fill in your OS) :

the only other posssibility is a bad video card....


so hee is the deal..... i think my macho ego got a little carried away...
i still have the exact same feelings about th evideo presentation. except that i reall thin k  dburgon's comment  is really well pointed.  " some just feel more comfortable with the 1024x768".
i just felt that if the native resolution of the screens are higher, then i shoul d project at that resolution.

coul dit be that there is an effect... the effect of shadowing the white text of the icon's description on the desktop?  i coul d swear i see it... but it is so slight.
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i think you are better placed than we to judge it - without a picture
Is this what you're talking about?


It says you can remove the shadows by going to Control Panel-> System-> Advanced-> Performance Settings and unchecking "Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop" on the Visual Effects tab.


OMG    yes... yes ... yes..

I am so happy you found that