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An error occurred while using SBS 2008 Wizard to move data locations

joemelvin asked
I have a new server with SBS 2008 installed on it. It is not in production yet. OS on one disk 0, data on another, disk 1. Using the wizard, I changed the locations for the users' redirected folders and the location of the WSUS updates. I have not moved data to this new server yet just ran the Wizard.

I came in the next day and had a failure on Disk 1. Turns out it was a problem with the SAS cables. Got that fixed. Had to recreate the Raid configuration, re-initialize the physical disks, then in Windows Disk Managment I created a new volume and formatted it, with the same drive letter, F.

Now, when I use the Wizard to Move Users Redirected Documents data it gives me this error:

An error occurred while querying for the user's Redirected Folders data. This can occur if you moved the FolderRedirections folder to a different location, or if you changed the letter of the drive where the folder is located. This can also occur if files in the FolderRedirections folder are open.

This only affects the two move operations I made the day before the problem with the virtual disk. I just used the Wizard to move the Users Shared data to the F drive.

I'm thinking something in the registry? Any ideas?

Thanks, Mike

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More likely it is trying to find the location referenced in the "folder redirection" group policy that it creates in the background. That GP is probably now pointing to an invalid location because of the reconfiguration. So, two things...one on-topic and one tangential:

1) The whole point of RAID is to protect against failure. I'm concerned that you had to rebuild the array beause one disk had bad data. This means your DR strategy is probably at risk and that RAID configuration is not doing you any good.

2) Back on topic,  you should be able to manually edit the folder redirection group policy (one of the few times I'd recommend that) and point it to a share you create on the new F drive. Once that is done, future uses of the wizard should work again.


Back on topic - I didn't have to edit the GPO, because it was pointing to \\server_name\RedirectedFolders\%username%\Documents, already. I did have to manually create the folder structure, F:\users\RedirectedFolders and share it.

However, not all the users are being redirected. I logged on to a client PC after doing the above steps and it created the folders for that user and showed the redirect in the My Documents Shortcut on the desktop. The next user did not get their My Documents redirected to the F:\users\RedirectedFolders.

Also, the Wizard for moving the Users Redirected Data is still giving the same error. Not sure if that can be fixed.

As to the Raid, the failure was caused by a bad SAS cable that caused two drives to disappear when the server restarted. The drives were fine. Luckily there was no data on the virtual drive so no loss. Even if there was data on it, I backup with ShadowProtect and am able to restore the whole server in a couple of hours in the event of a real disaster. The OS wasn't affected. But, it's not very calming to have drives in your array disappear. Switched the drives to bays with good cables and things are fine. Now just waiting for a new cable to get here.
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The client should log an error in the event log when applying folder redirection fails. The exact error will help tell you why it didn't apply.

To fix the wizard, as I said, I'd probably delete the folder redirection policy and then re-run the wizard to recreate it. Even though the path is the same, internally Windows likes to use GUID's a lot and that is going to be different. Deleting the GP will mean that the wizard will not even look for an old location (it'll assume it is fresh) and create a new GP for you. Since the path is the same, the clients won't care that the actual group policy is different, so no net difference in effect.


I'll give that a try.