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How to sign/certificate applications ona Nokia Cellphone?

Dermofit asked

I developed a J2ME application fo cellphones that uses Bloototh, Files and Internet. It all works great except that everytime I run the program on my S40 phone it asks me if I trust the application.

I browsed the application in the phone GUI and selected the "Application Access" option. From there I was able to tell them that it should only ask me the first time I want to aces one of the mentioned modules. The funny thing is that in that menu there is an option that says "Always allowed", but it's disabled.

Is there a way to tell my phone that it should trust my app completly?

I also would like to be able to run it in the future on a nokia 5230 which, according to the nokia website, is S60(5th) Symbian 9.4
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Thankyou CoccoBill, That solves the problem for symbian phones. However I also need to do the same for S40 phones. Is it possible to self-sign those?


Thank you!