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Notification Area Icons Behave Erratically

photoman11 asked
My PC is an HP e9150t quad core desktop using an Intel i7 CPU (920@2.67 GHz). I have 8 GB of RAM and am running Windows 7 Home Premium-64-Bit. It was purchased new from HP, in July 2009. The Microsoft products I am running include the 2007 versions of Outlook, Word, and Excel.

I've been having continual (and changing) problems with the Notification Area Icons. Every time I start my computer, I feel like I'm playing roulette. Regardless of choosing "hide icon and notifications," "only show notifications," or "show icon and notifications;" the resulting display doesn't seem to have any bearing on my choices.

As you can see from the screenshot I currently have 5 icons displayed on my taskbar. There are 6 programs which I chose "show icon and notifications." Sometimes I can choose 8programs to show icons and notifications, and 3 icons will display.

There are 21 programs marked to "only show notifications" and when I click on the arrow to the left of the taskbar icons, it shows 12 icons on the palate. Different days, the number changes.

Also, there are some programs that I don't even want there but cannot figure out how to delete them from being in this section.

Can you please help?
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I would "Restore default icon behaviors" from the Notification Area Icons screen and then reconfigure your icons.

If that doesn't work then you can reset the notification area by follow these directions;

Lastly, you can use MSConfig to limit what applications are running in the background, and usually showing up in your notification area.  If you want more information on how to use MSConfig let me know.


That's great. Thank you so much. I will get into this and let you know turns out.


it seems to work. Thanks again