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How to migrate time specific calendar entries from 3rd party software to Google calendar

We are moving from a desktop calendar to Google calendar and want to move all our desktop calendar entries to Google. We are using the AnyTime Organizer software for calendar and contacts.

I am able to export my AnyTime calendar entries as a .csv file and import them to my Google calendar however, all of my AnyTime calendar entries end up posting to the top of the Google calendar where all day events appear even though in AnyTime the entry did have a specific time of day.

My headings on the .csv file are Start Date and Subject.
I tried adding Start Time to my .csv headings and then importing to Google Calendar but the entries still posted as if they were all day entries.

I would love to get the entries to post to the exact time of day that they are scheduled for - that would save me lots of time in the post-migration cleanup phase.

We are using Windows 7 and Office 2003.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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What is the format for the date and other info in the CSV file?  What does the first line (header) of that file look like?

You should probably make sure you have looked at http://www.google.com/support/calendar/bin/answer.py?answer=45656 .  That article covers the basics for using a CSV file to import into Calendar.  You may notice the problem without providing the details above.  

If you have a question or need more info then please let me know.



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