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HP Management tool install

durango099 asked
HP recommends these tools be installed for ESX 4, however here are the install instructions.

Login as the system administrator (root), download the package to a directory on your hard drive. Navigate to that directory and unpack the contents of the package by typing:
•      tar -zxvf hpmgmt-8.4.0-vmware4x.tgz
This will create two new directories (./hpmgmt and ./hpmgmt/840) under the current directory. Navigate to the ./hpmgmt/840 directory and view the README file for installation instructions.

I know nothing about using or getting around in linux, so have no idea how to get to a directoy (temp) that I uploaded the files to via vCenter. So in vCenter, I have created a new direcory called temp, and then uploaded the file to it. Can someone pass along directions to cd to temp?

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Top Expert 2010

Maybe an easier way for you to 'navigate' around ESX's file/folder structure is to use WinSCP:

You will still need to use Putty/SSH to finalize install of Mgmt Tools, but at least you can get a visual of the file/folder structure to do what you need.

To get to that specific folder, use WinSCP and then navigate using the same (mostly) commands as you would in a command prompt (e.g. "cd /etc/var/bin/temp" (without quotes)...or wherever the folder is).

Paul SolovyovskySenior IT Advisor
Top Expert 2008

I'll tell you how to make it easy.

1.  Download Veeam FastSCP from veeam.com.  This will allow you put the file in the /tmp directory

2.  Once the file is in the directory use the command by going into the service console (you can login directly from console of the esx host or ssh if you have created an account with shell permissions)

 tar -zxvf hpmgmt-8.4.0-vmware4x.tgz

This will gzip and untar it

3.  Go to the hpmgmt\840.... directory and type

./nameofile.sh  --install

Follow directions and install

From that point on you should be able to access using http://ip_of_esx_host:2381

Login via root/pw
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"durango"...do you have the HP Mgmt Util install PDF? I think when you unzip the tgz file, it creates one. It has screenshots on what to do and everything. When I did my install last yr., I created a step-by-step procedure (minus the few options shown during the install, but the PDF shows it). Let me know if you need further instructions outside of what Paul has given you. BTW...the PDF uses WinSCP to assist with the install. For me, it's more visual. I like FastSCP too, but not necessarily as a Windows Explorer GUI for my ESX/i hosts. I've attached the PDF in case you don't have it.




Thanks for the very detailed instructions!!!

A small issue, I don't have a sshd_conf file; it is sshd_config and the option for permitrootaccess is not listed, so I added it and in restarting the sshd service it came back failed with a error on the line.

Clearly I need to modify access to the root for the HP tools to install as I get the attached message trying to run the hpinstall file.
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After you log into SSH...I assume you're not doing so with the root account?...and you shouldn't. Hopefully, you have configured a regular acct on your host, within vSphere Client and checked the 'Enable SSH' box in the User properties. After you logon with that account, you then type:
su - (Enter)
You'll then be prompted to type in the pwd...that pwd needs to be the root acct pwd. From there, proceed with the install.