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Windows mobile calendar tasks software replacement recommendation?

I just bought a HP IPAQ 111. I am currently using a Palm Zire 72 with Iambic Agendus Professional. I have bought PocketCopy & copied my data to Outlook 2003 on the desktop. I am already starting to see what's "missing" from what I am used to.

Outlook's to do list has only 3 priorities - low, medium & high (instead of 5). The reminder didn't copy with the alarm turned on. The tasks that are connected to a memo are no longer connected. The repeating calendar events are not showing as all connected in the Outlook month view.

What would be some recommendations (& why) for a Windows Mobile 6.0 calendar/tasks/memo/contact sofware replacement? I am familiare with Agendus, but before I automatically go with its Windows Mobile version - I would like to get opinions on the best sofware as I get started up.

Also, would Outlook 2007 be any improvement in this area? Thanks!
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I'm reading up on that software now. Any other consensus out there??? Thank you!!


I stumbled upon "Pocket Informant" in googling more info on AgendaOne. How does that compare in your opinion? I've got to really gather up some opinions because once I invest in one PIM, that will likely be what I wind up staying with. Who has time to go through all this again and learn a new app, if you know what I mean... Thanks again!
Absolutely!! Pocket informant also got great reviews. I suggest downloading the trials so you can test both worlds and be happy knowing you picked the right app.