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vba- sort spreadshet by cell color in pivot table

I have a excel 2003 spreadsheet with pivot table on each column.  On one column we have use red, green, yellow to show the severity of each entry.  I want to sort by cell color to see the critcal ones sort at top...
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My guess is that you have a dropdown box from a filter on each column.

In one column you could enter 1 or 2 or 3 instead of the coloring, representing the severity.
Hereafter you could make the same column to hold the color for each of the "severity codes", by applying condotional formatting.
Found on the tab: Home

Mark the columns with your severity codes (numbers) and apply:
Home->conditional formatting->Color Scales->(Select the one which fits your choice)

Now you have the color coding, BUT you also have a column which you can sort easily.

Thanks for the grade