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Microsoft VPN or Cisco VPN

Hello Experts,

I have a question regarding VPN. Is it better to user Microsoft Server 2003 or Cisco Gateway VPN? I have a Cisco 1760 which my users have been complaining on being dreadedly slow. I was wondering if I use Windows 2003 VPN instead maybe it will be faster? Has anyone gone through a similar situation?

If I choose Windows 2003, will this mean all my VPN user's connections will go through that server?
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I don't think that Microsoft VPN is safer, secure, and fast as like as  Cisco ,

Cisco is well-known in there products in networking.

maybe it's slow, because of spams of client-side viruses., or even a server-side issues.

i advise you to make a clean up , and a full scan to the server & remove any unwanted start-up programs.

it may faster the connection...

best regards.
The big question is can the server along with it's other roles handle the processing power to encrypt and decrypt the data. Usually that is why it's best left to the router. What you may want instead is a VPN accelerator appliance. depending on the amount of tunnels implementing this device will make a giant difference as it handles all the encryption
Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division
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The windows VPN is less secured than CIsco, the attackers able to find the username, if capturing the client handshaking! You not able to give default route to clients, bacouse they able to rewrite it (on cisco they no able to do it!) On the other hand the cisco 1760 is limited to encrypt the traffic.... it is a weak router!

Best regards,
There are two difference between microsoft's vpn and cisco's vpn



As far as I know cisco its hardware and software both are reliable. I have seen cisco Operating system being crashed once in a blue moon but in microsoft's case it is usual. Second thing Cisco's IOS is pretty difficult to hack but Microsoft have couple of vulnerabilities in it.


As cisco product has a special purpose so its hardware is more reliable. But microsoft software is built on a general purpose machine so it could have multiple problem

So i would suggest you to create your VPN on Cisco machine.


Thanks everyone! Great Advice!