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Need to build a joomla menu that works like this flash example

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i more details to answer you ...
what is the Joomla?


i would assume if you do not know what joomla is you are not qualified to answer my question. Thanks Anyway!
maybe he is asking what version?


Sorry, in that case it is version 1.5 which is the current version of the Joomla CMS.

There are many menu modules available from joomla.com/extensions but they are difficult to configure the way I want.   I'm hoping someone has some insight into what module I should use and how to configure it to work like my flash example.
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You could either do this within Joomla or what we accomplished for a client recently which was to integrate a flash menu into the template which acheived what they wanted.

We created the normal menu and changed these links for joomla and added to the flash, to counteract the loss of SEO on the menu we created a second menu with the non flash standard joomla menu so we acheived the best of both worlds.

A functioning flash mnu with advanced features and a fully SEO site.


Take a simple css vertical hover example like this:

You will notice that the actual menu code is only a series of <ul> and <li> elements. Which is what the standard output is of any Joomla menu element.

All you need to do is to mock up a html page using the above code so it works the way you want it to. Once you get it working on your mock up, just use that html page as yout joomla template. You need to then replace the block of <ul><li> etc with the following tag <jdoc:include type="modules" name="user1" style="xhtml" />.

Publish your menu to position user1 and it should work as your mock up page did.