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Reporting Services 2008 - Parent reports details disappear

I’m fairly new to Reporting Services 2008 but have worked with a number of other report builders.  I have a parent report with two subreports below.  When I preview the report the first page seems to work perfectly but after navigating to the second page all my parent report details disappear.  Strangely the subreports still seem to be working correctly from page one and beyond.  Returning to page 1 does not bring back the parent report details.  I’ve removed the subreports separately and this seems to fix the parent report problem.  I’ve also reduced the width of the subreports but this too didn’t help.  I’d appreciate any help you might be able to offer.
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How did you place the subreports on your main report?
Do you have them inside the table or below the table?
So saw something like this this last week.
The parent did not display because one of the parameters was not working right.
You might want to check and see if the correct data is going thru the parameters to the database right.
By placing the individual sub-reports in separate rectangles from the main report this problem has been resolved.  Thanks for trying, this matter is closed.