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Can't install wifi printer MX870

nevtech asked
I have a wireless network that uses a vpn wireless router. I'm able to connect to the internet fine, however, when I setup the printer, the system doesn't see it.

The printer has an ip 192.xxx.xxx.20
The printer shows that I have connection to the wireless
The printer driver is installed correctly.
When I hookup the lan wire to my laptop I can print, when I unhook and try to print, the printer isn't available and the IP ping returns time out.
Firewall is turned off and disk permission has been repaired.

Not sure if this is a:
1- Printer problem (don't think so)
2- Network problem (logical)
3- Router problem (most logical)

Any help would be appreciate it.
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Top Expert 2010

Does, "VPN wireless router" mean that your firewall has VPN/wireless capability?
What kind of firewall are you using?
Does the wireless network have the same IP as the LAN network?
You have the printer connected to the wired network as well?
When you configured the wireless IP of the printer, make sure you gave it a gateway.


I'm not using any firewall on my mac and the VPN router firewall is set to on. However, when I turn it to off, nothing changes.
Yes, I'm in the same network with the same ip range.
No the printer is connected through wireless only (can't set it to both, must select either lan or wifi) I chose wifi because I don't want wires on the floor.
The printer configuration is correct, remamber that I can print to it if I have the lan hocked up to my mac, but when mac is connected to the same network via wifi, can't see it.
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If you can print to it while wired, then that tells me the vpn wireless router can communicate with the printer.  That leaves your laptop.  When on the wireless, can you get to the Internet or see other devices on the network?


Yes, I can see the network, login to the internet .. I can ping the router also.
Made one head way with being able to ping.. which is simply turning the Wireless Isolation (within SSID) to OFF or Disabled.

I guess it will be easier to work the printer.. just thought to post my findings so far, in case someone else came across the same problem.


This problem is resolved by rebooting the system and the printer.. also, clean al your system from previous installs before you reinstall.
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thanks for posting back your solution.