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USB Keyboard does not work on SCO OpenServer 6.

Dan Kaib
Dan Kaib asked
After installing SCO OpenServer 6 on a Dell PowerEdge T110 the USB Keyboard does not work all the time.
It usually takes a 2nd reboot to get the USB Keyboard to work.

The following software is installed:
        SCO OpenServer Release 6.0.0 (ver 6.0.0Ni)
        OSS714A - OpenServer 6 Maintenance Pack 4 UDI/USB Supplement (ver 1
        SCO OpenServer Release 6.0.0 Maintenance Pack 4 (ver 1.0.0Ce)

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm not sure if this is the issue, but...
Maybe try changing the i8042_detection variable to 0 or -1

# Temporary keyboard lockup immediately after VT switch or num lock/caps lock/scroll lock --
Modified the system behavior so that, by default, it will attempt to determine at runtime whether or not an 8042 keyboard/mouse controller is present, rather than assume one is present. Autodetection of the 8042 improves system response on platforms which lack an 8042 controller, and in particular, avoids temporary keyboard lockups that can occur on such platforms immediately after certain keyboard operations such as VT-switches or pressing the Caps Lock key. The system's treatment of the 8042 controller can be modified by changing the value of the variable i8042_detection in /etc/conf/pack.d/ws/space.c and then rebuilding and rebooting the kernel. If i8042_detection is initialized to 1, which is the default, then the operating system detects the presence or absence of an 8042 controller at runtime. If i8042_detection is initialized to 0, then the system bypasses the runtime detection and always acts as if an 8042 controller is present. If i8042_detection is initialized to -1, then the system bypasses the runtime detection and always acts as if an 8042 controller is not present. (ID: 534034:1)


Thank you for your respones mikelfritz.

I will try that.

I also just found the following that may be adding to the problem.
If I go into scoadmin -> Hardware/Kernel Manager -> Tune Parameters and select option 13 Keyboard mapping (KBD) Parameters, I get the following message:

KBDTIME  <<**** consistency error: parameter not found in 'mtune' file

KBDTIME is in the following files in directory /etc/conf/cf.d:
l$ grep KBDTIME *
config.h:#define        KBDTIME 20
mtune:KBDTIME           20      5       500     %%INS%%
mtune_d:% KBDTIME
mtune_d:set for KBDTIME is outside this range, the module forces it to

Do you know what this error means and is there another 'mtune' file it is looking for?


mtune:KBDTIME           20      5       500     %%INS%%

The %%INS%% looks to be spuriuos characters...

You could try manually taking that bit out.




Thanks for the reply.

The i8042_detection set to -1 did the trick for the keyboard.

The %%INS%% is appended to every parameter in the mtune file so I did not do anything to that file.
I did find a problem in the mtune_d and mtune_p files.
Both had extraneous spaces and/or tabs at the end of the KBDTIME line.
I deleted the extraneous spaces and tabs from the KBDTIME line and the error in the Tunable Parameters was eliminated and KBDTIME was showing as an option.

Thanks for all of your help.  I would not have found either solution without your help.


Boy, that Santa Cruz Operation is some operation...


They used to be.  The problem is the majority of my customers have been running it for 25 years and the application software that runs on it moves fairly easy to the new SCO6.

Thanks again for all of your help.

Me too (sort of), I have a decent handful running on release 5 - none on 6.  I've been moving them to Linux and/or AIX.  

That's why I still know it...

Nothing like when Doug and Larry ran the joint, they cared for the customers and resellers.  Caldera screwed the pooch years ago and Tarantella, the piece the Michels kept, must be defunct by now...

SCO could have been what linux is now if they had had a bit of foresight.

Sad state of affairs for SCO.


Sometimes the grass isn't greener on the other side and SCO found that out with Caldera.

I have AIX customers and 1 Linux customer too.