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Printer sharing over VPN between 2 domains

melbourneben asked
Hi, a client of mine needs to allow his accountant to RDP into his SBS 2008 network and access MYOB. I have set it up so the Accountant uses Cisco VPN to gain connection
to the network and then uses RDP to access MYOB on the server. The accountant has now told me he would like to print from MYOB to his local printer, Can this be
done without joining the accountants computer to the domain?

Obviously the accountants local printer would need to be shared and then the drivers installed on the server where MYOB is located but would this work
without the accountants PC joining the domain?

Hope the above makes sense, thanks in advance for your help
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firstly, could you provide RDP access to the 3rd party externally so he missed out the VPN bit?

secondly, RDP has an option to connect printers. go to options>local resources on the client PC.
You will need to install the appropriate printer driver on the server manually but should otherwise work.