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How Can I Downgrade my VMWare Fusion for Mac?

anuneznyc asked
I just upgraded my VMWare Fusion to 3.1.0 and now my Win XP Pro virtual machine (which was running perfectly before) has slowed down by a factor of 20 and is pretty much totally unusable! What the hell was VMWare thinking w/ this update?!?

In any case, I need to downgrade to 3.0 immediately. Do I need to uninstall VMWare altogether and then reinstall from CD? Or is this there some other way to undo this 3.1 update?
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Senior System Engineer
You need to unistall and then re-install from CD. Luckily you shouldn't lose your virtual machines, but I still recommend backing them up before the uninstall. I've been having a lot of issues with Windows XP on my Fusion and I finally found a workaround to prevent the virtual machine going to 100% CPU all the time. All I had to do was stop using Mirrored Folders ;-) Too bad this is one of the most important features imho and disabling Mirrored Folders makes using the virtual machine a bit difficult.
If you do a time machine backup you can restore from your time machine. if you had added any files since then back those up separately then perform a restore you have everything exactly as you had without having to fool with uninstall\reinstall and the VM still being hosed