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Emails not being received from certian domains

mangofour asked
One of our customers is having troubles receiving emails form certian domains.  It is not a black and white issue, as sometimes emails come through, sometimes they dont.  SOmetimes they come in slow.

For example, one of our clients users has a mailbox with a few different emails - eg:

If a user from one domain sends to the first address, they will get the below email, however, emails to the 2nd two addresses go through fine.
The other domain that has issues sending seems to mainly (I think) have issues replying to emails.

Delay Report
Your message:       RE:
addressed to:       XXXXXX@XXXXX.com.au

has the following delivery status:       Your message has been delayed due to a temporary network, server, or mail file unavailability. Delivery of your message will be attempted again.
What should you do?
This message is an informational Delivery Status Notification and does not require any further action.
•      Delivery to the recipients indicated above has been delayed.  You do not need to resend this message.  The server will continue to attempt message delivery.
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Id turn on the tracking logs on your exchange 2003 server and trace a few of the messages. sounds like a problem routing the message to the users mailbox.

could you paste the details on here (after privacy corrections, obviously.)


Do you mean going to the Message Tracking Centre?  I have checked in there; the email from the sender who received the bounce message is not there (sent tofirst.last@domain.com) .  A different message sent to firstlast@domain.com appears there, and was delivered to the mailbox

OK, it may be worth getting another external sender (you if yu have a test account) to send a message to the address that is having the problem so you can monitor it.

If you have any junkmail filtering software I'd check that isnt blocking something.

The bounceback they have received above suggests their server had trouble contacting yours. That could be a problem with the MX records or simply with your server being down for maintenence or updates at the time of sending. Its worth double checking your MX records and your server config.

If it happens regularly but you cannot find a fault, I'd check for patterns in the failure times/dates and see if it matches up with anything the server is doing.


Hi Totallytonto,

I am not sure, but I think there might be two seperate issues, because the symptoms are different for the two domains that have issues sending.

For domain1, the issue they have is whenever they send an email to my client using the address with a "."  Infact, I just asked the sender to send 3 emails to our client.  I created two new test emails (in our clients mailbox) test.address@comain & testaddress@domain, I also got her to send an email to admin@domain.  test.address@domain bounced, the other two went through.  What would cause a "." to make emails bounce from a particular sender?

The second domain I am not sure if their issues have the same cause or not as I am have limited access to testing with them.


I have just sent an email to a user at the second domain that cannot get emails to our client.  I have asked them to run the same test

I've gotta admit I've never heard of a . causing a problem as that is an allowed character.

This is a strange one and probably a hard one to fix over an internet forum.
I'd look at the following testing to try to narrow down the cause but it depends on your level of ability as e-maisl can be tricky.

>Telnet into your server from elsewhere to test sending mail to one of these addresses manually to see what happens.
>manually edit one of the problem addresses and replace the . with another allowed character to see if it suddently starts working or not.
>check the default sending address for the account, as you mention the issue happens mostly when replying to a message. it could be that the message sent out from your company is incorrect and any replies are being routed incorrectly.



Sorry for not replying for a while...  long weekend over here.

The email addresses work fine for most domains sending to them.  I can send to them fine, it is just two domains that are having issues.  Domain one is having troubles sending to our client's addresses with a "." in them, I am yet to confirm the exact problem with the second domain sending to them
Try this test wite.
Put in details to match the sending domain and recipient emails with the problem.
If possible, run this from a PC/server outside of your system otherwise it would be a very accurate test.


If possible, check with the sending domain if the same occurrs if they type the email address themselves or reply to a message.