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What are the hardware (PBX) requirements for Office Communication Server 2007 R2


I would like to know what PBX Hardware I should look into when deploying OCS 2007 R2. I have a Samsung PBX System at the moment.

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You might want to start with the Microsoft list of IP-PBXs Qualified for Office Communications Server on their Open Interoperability Program site:  http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/office/ocs/bb735838.aspx
You won't find Samsung on the list, which means you likely won't get integration between the two.  
You can choose to deploy OCS without a telephone system, or in parallel (non-integrated).  
An additional heads up:  PBX systems current integrate with OCS R2 using Remote Call Control (RCC), but when MSFT brings out the next release at the end of this year (code named Wave 14) they have discussed dropping support for RCC and pushing integration to Direct SIP - most of the PBX vendors are not ready to support that integration yet.
Of course, with W14 MSFT will tell you that you no longer need a PBX - they will be able to do it "all".