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How to make print spoller stop increasing sizes for pdf and pictures?

irmastana asked
Everytime we send some pictures of pdf files to a networked printer spoller starts to increase file size in10 or sometimes even more times. Sometimes print fails. Is there some kind of fix to this problem?
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Printer Drivers.

We had exactly the same issue, when ever we had users print out PDF's or photos, the file sizes would inflate from MB's to Gigs and in some cases, would crash our print server.  Our solution was to switch from PCL to PS drivers (PostScript). You loose some functionality, but in the end it worked.

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did not help. Just couple minutes ago sent 297Kb pdf file to newly created PS printer and got increased till 3 GB(!) doc and Error-printing message. Printer Spooler service was restarted.
Try turning off "advanced printing features" under the advanced tab in the priinter properties....
The spooler does not increase the size.

A normal increase is caused by the difference in format for the PDF and the printer. Especially if you use a PCL driver, the print size can be several times larger than the PDF. However, an increase from 300kB to 3GB is rather excessive. In my experience, the spooler is not able to handle print files larger than about 500MB.

There could be something wrong with the driver. Does it happen with all printers, or only 1 model?

In Acrobat, make suer you do not select "Print as image" under the Advanced button in the Print dialogue
Further to hdhondt's comment, what is the affected device and does it affect all users/workstations?
Also, What application are you viewing the PDF in? It may be worth trying with Foxit to make certain it's not the application.
there were some versions of the hp pcl6 drivers which did not include delta row compression for images and you would get really huge files. this has been fixed with the universal print drvier v5.1 from http://www.hp.com/go/upd