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How to send Messages (Log,Status,Script Output) from Task Scheduler running a script

hi all,

I am trying to send some output from a script to the servers console (while nobody is logged in). Similiar to the way the command MSG.exe does, I am looking for something to write some status messages or show the script output in realtime on the console. MSG.exe does not fit here, because you have to click OK or work with timeouts to continue.

I would like to have something like this (example)

-> Currently Running Script 1
-> Script 1 finished successfully
-> Currently Running Script 2
-> Script 2 failed
-> .....

I did not found any way to get this done. I am not able to set the task scheduler to interact with desktop. The script I am running is a powershell script which is executed on start on a Windows 2008 Server
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I dont know that this is possible... Well, I take that back I am sure its possible, but I dont think its easy.

Would it be possible to have the console workstation open an HTML file? Then you could maybe have your script just output some formatted HTML data to this file? Or something similiar
Is there a reason why you can't have it email the results to you instead?



I am talking about a software deployment script which runs on several servers. I could write a log file to a network share, but it would be cool to see directly some output on the console. this is to see what package is currently installed and what the status is.
Write all your output to the logfile.
For you "Console" write a script that checks the log file for any new lines, if it finds one display to the console.
Would that work for you? Should be a pretty simple, low resource, script that you can just have running during the entire process.


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