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How can i Boot from external Cd Drive without opening BIOS , is there any tool to do it ?

Parth48 asked
How can i Boot from external Cd Drive without opening BIOS , is there any tool to do it ?
i want to install windows 7 from Boot and i want to boot from external dvd drive , is there any tool to do it ?
please help me ..
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You can do one of two things.  
1. Enter the BIOS and set USB or CD as your primary boot device.

2. You can boot the windows operating system and then use a free program like ISODisk or MagicDisk to mount the existing CD and then try to execute it.

Is the external drive USB? Some computers have an option when you hit F12 to allow you to chose your boot device.

Why is changing the boot order in the bios a problem if you dont mind me asking?
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I assume you are, for some reason, not able to get into the BIOS and change the boot order  (perhaps a forgotten password).

The first thing I'd do is look carefully at the POST screen to see if there's a hot key that provides a boot menu -- on many systems you can select the boot device without entering the BIOS by pressing a key during the initial POST screens  [e.g. F12 is common;  I've also seen ESCape and F10 used]

Assuming you can't boot directly to the DVD using a hot key, there is a fairly simple way to do what you want:  

=>  remove the hard drive;
=>  attach it to another system [You can use a USB bridge device like this to do it very easily:  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812232002&cm_re=vantec_usb_to_sata-_-12-232-002-_-Product ];  
=>  completely wipe the drive  (either delete all partitions on the drive and be sure the MBR does not have any active flags;  or wipe it with a utility like DBan);  
=>  replace the drive in the system and boot.    Since the hard drive doesn't have any bootable partitions, the BIOS will then attempt a boot from the next device in the boot chain ... which is most likely the optical drive (DVD).     Simply place the Windows 7 DVD in the drive and you're off to the races ...
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first - check if your system supports booting from USB; if it does not - you simply can't !
what model pc is it?