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Eclipse-Where is the web.xml file?

bhession asked
I have setup eclipse but I haven't use it in while. When creating a new Tomcat project doesnt the IDE create a default web.xml file? I am using eclipse again and went to edit the web.xml file but it wasnt in the web/INF folder. I am just wondering if there is a problem with my IDE or is this normal, do you have to write the web.xml file yourself?
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If it is a dynamic web project, then look inside the WebContent/WEB-INF folder
did you tried using keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+R? it will tell you if there is any web.xml file

any way even if it is not there, if you export as war file or add to the server, it will be added automatically in the war file before being deloyed.


How do you mean, a dynamic web project? I create a new project as new->tomcat project.