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How do i test that my Apple Universal Dock + Remote is working??

zquareroot asked
I just bought a Apple Universal Dock + Remote and has connected my ipod nano 5th gen.

But I can't see if the remote is working. I have connected the dock to my PC using the usb cable, and i can update the music on the ipod, but the remote doesn't seem to be working.

I have done the pairing "menu"+"fastforward" for 6 seconds or more.

Shouldn't it be able to turn up the music in my PC speakers using the remote? NOTHING happends when i press any of the buttons.

What use is the remote for??
Please tell me how to check that it is working, and what i can use it for.

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It sounds as if you already tried to pair the remote to the dock but try again with this:


You can also check the battery on the remote:


I'm not sure if the remote will control the volume in windows but its supposed to control itunes functions.


I bought a new battery type: CR2032
But nothing happend, however it's not flashing as much as i saw in a vid on youtube. is the IR on the remote supposed to flash when i press a button? I can only see it flash a little bit when i'm in a dark room.

This may sound silly but have you tried other USB ports? Sometimes the USB ports in front dont carry enough power.


Yeah i actually tried another usb port too. But what is supposed to happen?

I mean after i have paired it, will i be able to skip to the next track in itunes? or will the remote only work when the computer is off??

How do i test if it works?

All the functions should work. When you hit play it should play a song, forward or backwards chooses songs and so on. The play button at the very least should work.


But should itunes be on or off?

How do you use yours?

And is it the ipod or itunes that you control with the remote?

The remote controls the ipod. When you have it in the dock the remote controls the ipod. When you hit play it should at least play the ipod song.


Ok, so when i put the ipod in the dock, itunes start up, but i should respond to me using the remote??

> When you hit play it should at least play the ipod song.
It says syncronzing, so seem to be are no real connection.

Do you have the stereo speakers connected to the dock or the pc?

I have speakers connected to the dock. the remote should work on the ipod even if itunes is not opened up.


Ok? But isn't it possible to have the speakers connect to the pc? Or then it will not?

It should be able to work through your speakers on the computer through itunes. Have you tried to toggle this setting:

In order to connect Remote with iTunes, iTunes must be open on your Mac or PC. You must also have the iTunes preference "Look for iPhone and iPod touch Remotes" enabled. This setting is enabled by default, however you can verify that it is enabled in the Devices tab of iTunes preferences.

A maximum of five Remotes can be paired to either iTunes or Apple TV. If this limit has been reached and a new Remote needs to be paired, remove Remote pairings in iTunes or Apple TV. In iTunes, click the Forget All Remotes button in the Devices tab of iTunes preferences. On Apple TV, choose Settings > General > Remotes.


Hm :(

Ok, I'm down to a simple task now...

>>> Please tell me how to verify that the remote is not working. <<<

This is what i got:
- PC running XP
- ipod nano 5th gen
- itunes
- ipod USB cable
- apple universal dock
- the remote (that i want to know wether it's working or not working)
- a stereo
- a minijack cable from the stereo (to the computer or dock)
- also got an old imac 2002 (the bobble) in case you want me to use that one for testing instead.

Can anyone please tell me what to do, to verify that the white REMOTE is not working. :)

Thanks a lot


I went a friend with a fairly new imac, plugged it all in, and as soon as i used the remote i was controlling his mac.


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