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Symantec Backup Exec - Slow backup to tape

Dataplan asked

We've been running Backup Exec to run our backup for a while now.
Backup jobs have been running at between 450 mb/min - 1000 mb/min.

Now the jobs are running at 150-250 mb/min. This is kinda slow compared to what the job's been able to in the past.

Anybody got some suggestions for how to make the speed go up?
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If the tape unit is connected via USB, check if it’s using USB 1.1 or USB 2.0.


USB isn't involved..
You can decrease the backup window by enabling allow multiple data streams option. I have this option in Netbackup. Please check the same in backup exec.
Which driver you are using Symantec drivers or vendor ?

If vendor driver use try Symantec drivers.

Also check update for you driver.

After a search on google, i decided to reboot the server.
Simple solution!! now it works just fine.