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oracle streams and banking system !!!!!

RYasin asked
dear all,,,
i am using three oracle database 11g R2 (2 source and 1 destination) , and i am using wireless network, and i configure oracle streams successfully , data transfer from source to destination done, but, when network goes down for seconds, the errors appear on propagation process in source database , and data not applying in destination database. , we disable and then enable the apply process to fix this problem manually. i wish if we can solve this problem automatically without data losing.

Error :: ORA-26851

Unable to connect to apply "string" because it has connected to another capture.

What is the solution?please

To make things more clear, we working in a company with both Oracle PLSQL and Delphi developers. We are currently developing a financial system for a company with more than one branch.

The Business Logic is implemented in PLSQL and the interface in Delphi. Some of the data needed to be replicated, therefore we decided to use Oracle Streams.

We are currently using Oracle Database 11g R2, we have implemented the streams successfully and everything is just fine.
However, our customer has connected his branches using WiMAX network, therefore we felt little worry from the disconnection that could happen in the network. So, we decided to have a test using our own machines at the development environment. Once we disconnect the machines from the network, the above problem starts to appear.

We are kindly asking the following:
How much Oracle Streams is reliable for Financial Systems that needs replications? Systems could be (Banking, Insurance,... etc)
How much Oracle Streams is suitable for Wireless networks that face disconnection everyday if not every hour.
If Oracle Streams is reliable for Financial Systems as well as Wireless Networks, how could we solve the mentioned problem?
If Oracle Streams is not reliable, what other solution Oracle offers for such circumstances??

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It looks like Emad on OTN has you exact problem and is using your solution.  Are you him?  I am searching for a solution for you.  It looks like this is a problem a lot of people are having right now.
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>>How much Oracle Streams is reliable for Financial Systems that needs replications?

Oracle might have changed their position recently but the last I heard/read Oracle does NOT guarantee NO DATA LOSS with Streams.

That said, I use Streams for replication and am very happy with it.  I'm also not a Bank so the world won't end if the WORST CASE happens and I lose a record (knocks on wood)!!!

I really can't speak for the Wireless aspect and really can't test it.

>>i wish if we can solve this problem automatically

If there is no other work-around for this you should be able to create a scheduled job that will check the APPLY status and restart it if it stops.  Maybe run it every 30 minutes or so.  Maybe more or less frequently based on what you see in testing.
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>>i'll try re-posting my question, That would open it up to a fresh set of experts

The correct way to do this is clicking the 'Request Attention' link above.

You also didn't post any follow up information so I had to assume I answered the question.  If I did not, please ask any additional informtion.


i pologise for overing EE etiquette , i thought u asked me to delete my question ..
i'm gonna accept mr.slightwv's solution ..and wanna thank him for helping


Thanks alot for helping me ..