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Disable Mcafee temporarily

pma111 asked
There is a specific tool I need to install on a windows xp machine that Mcafee is wrongly picking it up as  a virus scan (tool is 100% clean and not maliciuos) when I install it. I need to temporarily disable the mcafee virus scanner when installing and/or running the tool, but cannot figure out how to do this.

I have the following 3 tools available on my system, but am unsure which has the option to temproarily switch of the virus scan so I can install and use the tool:

on-access scan
on-demand scan
virusscan console 8.5.0i

Any pointers welcome...
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In Virusscan control double click on-access scanner, then you see the attached screen. You can exclusions in that.
Right click on the McAfee Shield in the systems toolbar and select Disable On Access Scanner.


Thanks for suggestions.

I have disabled on-access scanner, albeit it only seems to disable it for a couple of hours, then automatically re-enables it and starts capturing this tool again. Is there anyway to disable it for a pre-defined amount of time? I.e. 1 day? If so any pointers as to how?
No there is no way of doing that, that would render your AV pretty much useless.

Would go with sreedhar's suggestion of adding the application as an Exclusion. However, if your McAfee is administrated by an ePO server then you may not have the rights to add an exclusion yourself, and might have to go to the McAfee Admin with a water tight business case explaining why you need this application excluding for them to action on your behalf.