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internet explorer proxy settings

Riz22 asked
we have proxy exceptions configured through GPO . once we run gpupdate /force the polices take effect correctly but stranglen the old sttings come back .everything is checked local policy,gpresult the policy
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You may have another (old) policy that have another settings for proxy that could be applied later and change the settings?...
Did you try GPRESULT to see the policies applied or RSOP to see the "winning" policy?...


Almost everything is scrutinized .RSOP ,local policy ,winning policy .in fact the setting which appear are no here to be seen in any GPO concerning this OU .is there any way or chances that anything comes from local profile or any tools or components .The settings which appear in exception list are those of Enterprise vault servers which sometimes the support staff used to manually add.
Local Policies are always overwrited by Group Policies except when you set the "merge" option for loopback processing. For more details see: Loopback processing with merge or replace.


The local policy is blanked on all affected .i suspect  user profile .As mentioned the excetions hich appear are suspected to be set manually or if by any chance by ant of EV componants
This is happening on all your PC's or just a few?...
If just a couple of them - you have to check local applications that would save and restore setingd like an antivirus, or other types of "guardians"
If problem is on all PC's you must check applications widely deployed and eventually "centrally managed" by a server, as you already mentioned "Enterprise vault servers".
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT Advisor
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what settings come back?  EV can modify some settings via Outlook Add-ins so you may want to check your policies.
thank-you .The problem did not re-occur again to apply any solution .Our assumption got cemented ,that it was alocal change