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Duplicate VM entry in VMM


We have 2 nodes running W2008R2 wiht HyperV, since we had a bluescreen on one of the nodes all virtual machines did a fallback to the other node.
After resolving the bluescreen i saw something went wrong with the fallback of one VM.
I have now on both nodes the same virtual machine in virtual machine manager, one is started and the other one is in the error state because the vhd is in use by the other node.
How can i delete this entry from virtual machine manager.
If i go to servermanager on the node the faulty virtual machine is not listed, so it is only a fault in virtual machine manager.
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Did you try to refresh the host cluster in SCVMM?

Did you install all updates for SCVMM 2008 R2? One of those updates included improvements for reliability when managing clustered Hyper-V servers...


PowerToTheUsers: All updates are installed, refresh and restart did not fix it>
msmamji: The article suggest you delete the node and readd, a bit drastic a find, also the script is for another problem
If you open the Failover Cluster Manager on one of these nodes, does everything look OK?

In SCVMM you can richtclick the "Error-VMs" and choose repair, and refresh the hosts, but maybe you have already done that?



Repair doesn't repair the problem.
In the failover cluster manager everything is ok, it is only the entry in SCVMM.
Remove the virtualization hosts (or cluster) from SCVMM and then re-add them. This should remove any duplicates that could occur when SCVMM gets confused. If the duplicates actually exists on the hosts I would try to migrate the working duplicate to the host which has the non-working duplicate. This usually results in that the failed duplicate is replaced with the actual working instance. Good luck!