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AD Logon Script is not working

Dear all,

i have a logon script which i created and put into E:\SYSVOL\domain\scripts\ <ou folder name>

Then on the ADUC i on the 'Profile' tab of the user, i set the Logon Script to use this script '<ou folder name>\my_login.bat'

However, when the user logs on, he is still mapping to the older network drives. It seems like he is still using the previous logon script and not the new one which i created.

I tried logging off and then logging on again but it still doesn't work.

I tried on my own account and it doesn't work either.

Can anyone here let me know which steps am i missing out on?

Thanks in advance~!

Thank You,
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if you assign the login script via grouppolicy it will always work:

rightclick on the container with users-->add a new GPO --> edit the GPO and set this option: [Windows Settings]-->[Scripts]-->[logon] add your script here and it will be used for all users when they logon / logoff.

Place the script under E;\sysvol\sysvol\<domain_DNS_name>\scripts  and under the Logon script under user's properties specify only the script file name.

For more info.. refer the belwo link...

If your environment is in mixed mode , the best practice to assing the logon script is as given above.If your environment is native mode then you can assing logon script using GPO as CENC specified.
If you distribute the Logon scripts by a group policy the location shoud be in the "User\Scripts\Logon" of that policy - as you press Browse button to browse for a logon script you'lll see where is it.

The full path will look like this:
Where the {} part is the SID of the policy...
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Check this step are correct for setting up the login script from the link below



Since you have mentioned the network drive is not mapping:

Try this

start -> run -> \\domainname\netlogon\

You can find the login script there just run that and check does that maps if doesnt map

Modify the script for the network map

The network map should delete the network drive existing and then map the drive fresh

for that check below

@echo off


NET USE Q: \\Server\Share /DELETE
NET USE R: "\\Server\Has Quotes Because of Spaces in Name" /DELETE
NET USE R: "\\Server\Has Quotes Because of Spaces in Name" /PERSISTENT:YES
NET USE S: "\\Server\Shared Name" /DELETE
NET USE S: "\\Server\Shared Name" /PERSISTENT:YES


for the above script refer the post below


Let me know if you face any issue

Good luck


Please rename the file name of script to some word less than 5 characters and make sure same is updated on user's profile settings .


Thanks Guys!