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Exchange 2007 sp2 upgrade

carbonbase asked
I have two standalone Exchange servers, 1 server which my users access, the other server is an SCR backup which users do not access unless the first server goes down for some reason.

I would like to install sp2 for Exchange 2007 on the standby server and then assuming there are no problems install sp2 on the main server which my users access their mail from a couple of days later.

Does anyone see any problems upgrading the standby Exchange server (SCR target) and then upgrading my mailbox server later?
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"Applying updates to clustered mailbox servers that have one or more storage groups enabled for standby continuous replication   Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Exchange 2007 includes a feature called standby continuous replication (SCR) that allows an administrator to configure one or more copies of a storage group running in a single copy cluster (SCC) or cluster continuous replication (CCR) environment. If a storage group for any clustered mailbox server is enabled for SCR, you should apply the update rollup first to the SCR target computers. After all SCR target computers have been updated, the clustered mailbox server (which is also the SCR source) can be updated. "

as per http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb885043(EXCHG.80).aspx
Suspend the storage group copy and then upgrade..
Once upgraded you can resume it back, no problem

So, I don't see any issues with upgrading the SCR target first and then doing the source a few days later.


Thanks guys, this is what I thought, just wanted to double-check.