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Exchange Server and internet Speed

seraj786 asked
we are hosting exchange server 2007 with 150 + user mail box.

75 users are in  same lan of exchange and rest are logged from remote locatiob through internet access , pop3 etc.

exchange server is directly connected to real ip internet acess with 2 mb dsl , with 512 upload speed,

my users in remote location complain the are reciveding mails very slow..

what is your recomendation to get fast email access,
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I would recommend you switch from standard ADSL to SDSL as a minimum.  Half of your email load is accessed remotely.  SDSL will at least increase your upload bandwidth.  If money is available a leased line/managed line server would be even better.

Are the remote users in teh same location?  In that case, maybe install an exchange server on site and link the 2 of them.  Proably quite a lot you can do to increase performance.

Also are the remote users running cached mode, keeping local copies of their mailbox on their pc's.  That will also help.

hi ,

what i would recommend is getting an DSL line with a much higher upload speed.
the 512kB is not enough for the amount of users you have to service.
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Look around for a different ISP that can offer ADSL2+ internet which should give you about 3 times the speed you can currently get and ask for as much upload speed as possible.
I switched from a 2mb down and 512kb up to a 10mb down and 2Mb up connection and have no complaints about email speed from remote users.