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SBS 2008 certificate install - The certificate is not installed

TriumphLTD asked
I have a Winows 7 machine and SBS 2008 server. I am trying to get Outlook Anywhere running on the Widnows 7 PC. On the other PC's I have installed the cerificate using the install utility in Public Downloads. On this laptop when I try I get the following error:

The certificate is not installed

The certificate was not installed. Please try again.

I need to get this isnatlled for Outlook ANywhere to work. Any ideas?

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Cris HannaSr IT Support Engineer

Are you
a) logged onto the Windows 7 machine with an Administrator account
b) on the executable for installing the cert, right click and choose runn as Administrator


Just tried this and I get the same error doing both these things. I have tried installing this same cert on anohter win 7 machine and it works!
Cris HannaSr IT Support Engineer

It it works on another machine..then it's obvious the problem lies with that machine.  Have you tried doing a reset on IE?
It turned out all we needed to do was copy yhe certificate installer locally and then run it. This fixed the problem!

Thanks for all your help