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Is there a way to check local printer page count with SCCM 2007?

Szuromi asked
Hi Everybody,

Is there a way to use SCCM to check page count on local printer attach to the networked computer? For example, we have about 300 network printers and we use HP Jet Direct Utility to check page count on these network printers but we also have additional 100 HP and Lexmark local printers attached to our network computers. Without installing any printer agent I would like to know is there a way to use SCCM 2007 to check the page count on the locally attach printer to the PC?

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Unfortunately within the sms_def.mof there is not a a page count for the SMS_Group_Name "Printer Device".  The closest you're going to get is the JobCountSinceLastReset and take an average of so many pages per job.  Now someone with more skill than I might be able to write some custom entries to look into the registry for those items as they pertain to the local pritner driver.
You can deploy a package to query WMI for the info and write it to a log see http://www.pcreview.co.uk/forums/thread-531707.php

If WMI does not get the info then you may be able to use pcl commands to query the printer but that can get complicated as the commands can be model specific


It is bad news that I can only get "JobCountSinceLastReset" but it is still better then manually checks the page count on the printer.
Thanks guys.