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take a lot of time to do logon to network

buildingit asked
i have problem with some users that when they doing logoff or restart the computer take a lot of time to do shutdown and to do logon i have dc server 2008 what can be the problem?
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Hi buildingit,

We'd need a bit ore info to be able to provide useful advice.

Could you open task manager and put it in CPU order so you can see what processes are active before task manager gets closed during logoff please?

also, please try unpluggin the network cable before logging off to see if it is faster without the network, and if any errors come up advising what it may be trying to do during logoff.

Do the users have outlook open? try closing outlook a few minutes before logoff and let me know if that makes any difference.



no i dont mean to this situation ,my problem is that when the users starting the computer take a lot of time about 10-15 minute that the profiles lauded and the same problem when doing shudown
If you use the "offline files" service and is set to do its sync at logon/logoff this could be one of the problems, but as totallytonto already said: make a test without the network cable to see if there is any better...
> my problem is that when the users starting the computer

Do you use folder redirection?... with other words the user profile (or their documents) stays on the server?... because this also coul slow down the logon process because the files are downloaded locally (cached)/uploaded to server (at logoff)...

Have you recently made an GPO additions or changes? Check the event logs for GPO related errors. Also, as stated above Roaming Profiles/Folder redirection is also a prime candidate for this type of issue. Especially if the users in question have large profiles.
ah, this affects logon as well? Apologies as I may have misunderstood your query to mean the issue was mostly logoff.

The same tests apply I'm afraid. we need to know if the PC is slow without the network connected so we can advise if the issue is with the PC or network settings.
If youn are syncronising files on logon/logoff it usually shows a message on the screen so keep an eye out for that and let us know.

Otherwise id check if you are using roaming profiles or not as mentioned by the guys above.


i disconnect the cable network and now problem he shutdown and logon faster so what i need to check now?
In this case it seems you have some file syncs: Folder redirection / Roaming profiles or "offline files". You have to look for this kind of GPO's applied to that PC's that are slow.

A first quick look is in My Computer properties in the Advanced tab click the setting button in the "User Profiles" group and see if your user profiles are LOCAL or ROAMING

A second quick check is in the Properties of "My Documents" to check if the target is local or on a server (by UNC path or mapped drive).
Also to check for Offline Files open a "My Computer" and see the Tools\Folder Options the "Offline Files" tab see if unchecking "Syncronize all offline files when logging on/off" will help you.


i have roaming profile and second the my documents is redirection to server but this two thing i need them
In this case you have to be carefull what documents you store in the My Documents folder and on your Desktop because of them you have to wait to get them from server and put them back and this will take a looong time if there are a lot of them (even music, pictures, videos, etc...)

Do you enforce disk quotas on your profile storage? Doing so is one way to keep user profiles from growing to this point.

Nice one! at least we know where the issue is now.

the my docments redirection shouldnt be a problem but the roaming profile is.
If you have access to the location the roaming profiles are stored check the size of the folder. Anything above 200mb and your gonna have a rubbish logon/logoff time.

Roaming profiles are mostly useful when users ned specific settings to follow them around.
They do not work if users store documents on any of the folders, includig the desktop.

You need to have a look around your profile to see what can be moved to a location on the server or shared drive.

try treesize free, its a very small program which lets you explore a folder and see where all the largest data is stored.


i see is profile and in his profile\local setting\temporery internet files he have 498mb in content.ie5 folder ?

Local setting shouldnt normally be included in roaming profiles but can be included by group policies so its worth clearing out anyway.
I doubt this is affecting you though.