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Can I Reset Outlook Out-of-Office Assistant Reply List Every Midnight  in exchange 2003/ outlook 2003

keno_irl asked
Can I Reset Outlook Out-of-Office Assistant Reply List Every Midnight  in exchange 2003/ outlook 2003
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Hi keno_irl,

Guessing you mean you want the out of office message to be sent even if it has already been sent to this particular person before?

There are 3rd party tools that can enable this but they are not free.
There is also a way to clear the settigns in outlook but it also clears all rules for the mailbox too, so would not be appropriate.

I'd give up on the out of office thing and just setup a rule to reply to every message. It's technically a rule, not an out of office, but would happily send a response to every message received while enabled. When the user returns just turn the rule off until they need it again.


Hi, you seem to understand my problem. I have looked at third party software aswell. But i am interested more in setting up a rule as you have mentioned, can you give me more info on this .


Tools>rules & alerts>new rule

If a wizard is shown, select one of the options towards the bottom that allows you to create a blank rule 'when they arrive'

Use the following settings:

Step 1 criteria
do not select a condition in step 1. this should give you a warning that it will apply to ALL messages.
You can create several rules to send different replies depending who it came from or words in the subject if required, by selecting criteria in the step.

step 2 action
select 'reply using a specific message'
on the bottom window, click the blue words 'a specific message'
type the message as you want it, including subject and body of message.
click 'save & close'

step 3 exceptions
you can now specify if any items should NOTget a reply. mesages from specific people or with certain subjects for example.

ste 4 - finish
choose a name for the rule and decide if you want it turning on now or leaving for later.
Once created, the rule can be turned on and off within the tools>rules & alerts screen.

the limitation of out of office messages is primarily to prevent message loops.
This rule will reply to ALL messages. if the sender had a similar rule set up the two systems would keep replying to each other's replies forever and fill up the mailbox.

This rule may also reply to all junkmail messages, which just confirms you exist to the junk mail sender and usually means you will get more junkmail.


Thanks for your help, you have given us a few very useful options, the rule doesnt need to go into effect until july, so fingers crossed.

Thanks again.

No problem. Hope all goes OK. I'd recommend some tests before you roll it out live. just to make sure you have the rule set up correctly.

Can you run a powershell script to reset the OoO count for a specific mailbox?

That way you could schedule the script to run once a day allowing that mailbox to sent a responce each and every day should an email come into that mailbox after the first time and not allowing a storm.