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ForeFront for Exchange 2007 - Notifications - Not sending to Internal

Morning All,

I have Forefront for Exchange 2007 on my Edge Transport (Windows 2008 R2). I have enabled notifications for virus and file filtering rules.

I have checked:
1- In the Shuttle bar > Settings > Antivirus - "Send Notifications" is checked.
2- In the Shuttle bar > Filtering > File - For each file name rule - "Send Notifications" is checked.
3- In the Shuttle bar > Report > Notification - For each notification I want, it is set to "Enabled" and has been configured with addresses.

Some notifications do work .... If I put an smtp address explicitly into the "To" field of the notification email. But if I use a builtin variable %ISAddress% it does not work.

I have also checked that I have "Internal Address" set on the Shuttle Bar > Settings > General Options section. The addresses shown here are my internal namespaces, separated with semi-colon ; and no spaces. I have recently changed this field.

Any ideas on how I get it to send email to my internal users when a rule is matched?

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So what are you running - FSE or FPE2010?
The FPE is much better than the FSE but....


Running FSE. Forefront Server for Exchange (Forefront Server v10.1.0746.0 with SP1). What is FPE2010?



Cheers Keith - Looks like I'll plan an upgrade!