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MS SBS 2003 Outlook Web Access "404 Page Not Found" after removal and re-install of Sharepoint 2.0


Sharepoint 2.0 on a Small Business Server 2003 R2 had stopped to function for some reason, even though it hadnt been previously used.  Based on this information I thought it acceptable to remove it a reinstall it from fresh.  I did this which work perfectly and the Sharpoint page loads fine as the Default Site from IIS.  However since this has occured we cannot get to the OWA (https://prmserv01/exchange) page to load internally or externally.  The HTTP Vitual Server in Exchange System Manager protocols is running OK as is the Default Website the Exchange is a Virtual Directory under is IIS.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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You might try resetting Exchange virtual (http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=280823, scroll down to Method 1: Reset the HighWaterMarks).
/me sighs.

You might try resetting Exchange virtual directories.


Hi Midnight One, we are trying reset virtual directories now.  We will let you know soon.


After much investigation it turns out the the following article is a fix for out issue:


It was to do with sharepoint changing authentication to NTLM from Kerbos in IIS, you have to run the steps as described in the document to resolve.

Midnight one: Thanks for your time, but it was something different.