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Which version of Crystal Reports is packaged with Visual Studio 2005?

As the title says, can anyone tell me which version comes with Visual Studio 2005? I am currently using 8.5 however I am getting very poor image quality with it, however as the report is being called from VB6 I will need to figure out which version Visual Studio 2005 uses if I want to create the report in that version and then try to use it in VB6.
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Brook BraswellApplication Development Manager
My understanding is that Crystal Reports XI Developer is distributed with Visual Studio 2005.

Here is some information that may help you about usage.


Brook BraswellApplication Development Manager

Alternatively - I purchased crystal reports 2008 and use that with VB6.
I believe you get a version of 10 with VS 2005.  Version 9 was a substantial change from 8.5.  You will still need the correct .dlls in your application to run a more recent report.
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The version of Crystal with VS2005 is a specialized version developed for use with Visual Studio.  It is commonly referred to Crystal.Net

It is by version number, 10.2.  It is based on CR 10 but is limited in some ways.  The original intent of the version in Visual Studio is to provide a limited taste of Crystal to VS users with the hope that the missing features would be enough to get more sales of the full version of Crystal.

Depending on how you are calling the reports in VB6 here are acouple of articles to help with the transition to VB.Net

Migrating Applications From the RDC to the Crystal Reports XI .NET Assemblies

If you are using the OCX then this article will help convert from the OCX to the RDC
Migrating from the OCX Control to the Crystal Reports 9 Report Designer Component (RDC)

Here is a tutorial for using Crystal.Net in VS 2005