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Applying service pack 7 to BES 4.0

rob- asked
We are migrating our main company server (PDC) from Windows 2003 with Exchange 2003 to Windows 2008 SBS with Exchange 2007.

The Blackberry Enterprise Server will remain on a separate Windows 2003 server (member server) as it is now.

Since we are using an old BES (4.0) I understand that I must apply service pack 7 so that BES is Exchange 2007 compatible. I also understand that I don't need to apply the service packs 1-6 since each service pack is cumulative.

I cannot find an installation procedure for 4.0 sp7 on the blackberry site. Can someone please advise me if installing the service pack in basically a "click next a few times and you're done" thing, or whether applying the service pack means that users will have to complete enterprise activation again.

The only thing I understand so far is that I must be logged in to the windows server with account BesAdmin when applying the upgrade.

Many thanks
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might be worth a call... links to that documentation do appear to be gone.

one possible gotcha:

I did find that there's a few Maintenance Releases to be concerned with after you get SP7 installed.

And hopefully some more helpful links here:

Best practices for installing service packs for BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Hope this helps!