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Must Have Terminal Server User Access Permissions--Error

MGA2 asked
We have 3 node Citrix farm and a few months I added the third server. It worked just fine and all the sudden I started receiving the message indicated in the subject. I have reviewed several articles on Citrix/Microsoft & questions here on Experts Exchange but no results

We are running PS4/WI3 on Server 2003. Our other 2 servers have never had this issue.

System Event Logs:

Warning:The terminal server could not locate a license server. Confirm that all license servers on the network are registered in WINS/DNS, accepting network requests, and the Terminal Server Licensing Service is running

Error: The terminal server licensing grace period has expired and the service has not registered with a license server with installed licenses.  A terminal server license server is required for continuous operation.  A terminal server can operate without a license server for 120 days after initial start up.

I am repeatedly receiving the above warning/errors. I have looked at many settings including ICA/RDP permissions & settings, local security policy, remote desktop users group, TS installed etc. I compared all the servers with the other two and have not discovered anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Top Expert 2010

Do you have automatic discovery of TS Licensing server enabled?  I am assuming you have all the appropriate Terminal Services Licenses.  Also, you can try putting the IP address of the TS licensing server for resolution as apposed to the host name.  First, make sure that server can ping the licensing server.


Here is what I am saying and hopefully I can be more clear. With our 3 Citrix servers we've gone and purchased terminal server licenses. We purchase license through Citrix and load them on our Citrix licensing server which happens to be one of the nodes in the farm. We do not have any issues or error messages except on this host. Yes, the Automatic selection is set. I've never had to specify an IP when I added our second server to the Citrix farm.

We don't buy TS licenses from Microsoft but we purchase licenses from Citrix. I am wondering if there is configuration with TS was installed in which case the 120-day license has expired causing this issue but in that case all other servers in the farm would do the same. So this is why I am wondering if when I installed TS from Add/Remove Components if was configured incorrectly. I have already verified it is in Application Mode.

Any more insight?


Does anybody have any solution to this question?
Ok, I'm trying to understand your licensing...  

Are you saying that you Don't have any Terminal Services licenses for your Farm, only Citrix licenses?
Also, just want to make sure your TS licensing server isn't Windows 2008.  The server that has the TS CAL licensing role is a Windows 2003 server, correct?



Yes, we don't actually purchase Microsoft Terminal Licenses. We purchase licenses from Citrix through our Subscription Advantage and then install them on our License Manager. I know Citrix and TS are closely tied but even when I added Node2 into the farm years ago I never had this issue. Looking at one of the two errors it would indicate that I have Terminal Server 120-day default grace period expiring. I am running it in Appliication Mode. Not sure why I am getting that error. It might be as simple as a registry key but not sure where the issue is at.

For each Citrix License purchased you must also have a Microsoft Terminal Services License as well.  Citrix sits on top of TS/RDP and one can't work without the other.  
Here is the Citrix KB article explaining licensing and your specific error:

This user does NOT have the appropriate licenses from Microsoft (TS Licenses) and thinks that he only needs citrix licenses which is just not true...  I answered this question correctly, the user refuses to believe that you need both a terminal services license AND a citrix license per user.
My answer was of basic licensing for Citrix, however even though I stated to the user that you in fact need a TS license for Each Citrix license I don't think they either didn't believe me or just abandoned this.