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Windows Mobile 6.1 Simple Batch question

funkkube asked
I have to copy a file from one place to another on the windows mobile 6.1 device.
From the SD card to program files location.
On CE.net devices i could use a simple dos batch file.
On mobile its not as simple.
I have installed pocket cmd and edited the registry to get a shell.
but when i run the batch file - file.bat it does not run as its not associated with it.
How do I associate the .bat files with the cmd.exe file thats located on the sd card?
Something to do with the registry no doubt but I dont know how to do that//
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you need to go to HKCR and check what's done for eg *.doc - you should see 2 main keys:

.doc <-- here is the starting point of all changes

docfile  <-- here you'll define all "open" etc operations

Something in this direction: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/185453


I just need to add an association with the cmd.exe to run the batch file..
I dont need to write some visual basic surely??
no no, all I meant is to point you out to the 2 keys in registry :)

so basically you add (1) "HKCR\.bat" + few subkeys/values (see others for exact sample) and (2) "HKCR\batfile" + few subkeys - this associates *.bat with whatever exe you specify under batfile/open (don't remember exact key name)