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Problems connecting WinXP client to SCCM07 Site Database

nhhgict asked
I have a SCCM07 Sight server setup with the site database on a separate SQL box. I can run the Configuration Manager UI on the sight server while logged in as a test user and everything runs fine...i.e. the sight database expands out and allows me to manipulate objects perfectly fine.

The problem I have is running the Configuration Manager UI from any WinXP client logged in as the same test user....

The ConfigMgr UI loads up but does not connect to the site database. As soon as I try to expand the site database I get a connection error message detailing the DCOM rights requirements to the site server and SMS provider despite these DCOM rights already being setup...as far as I can tell that is?

I have nested the user into the Global Security Group called "SMS Admins" and then granted the DCOM rights on the servers to that group...is that wrong?

The error details also mention a missing registry key on the WinXP clients...

Registry key 'Software\Microsoft\ConfigMgr\AdminUI\QueryProcessors\WQL' not found

Is this relevant as this key doesn not exist on the Site server either but it works just fine on the site server?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated...
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Here is a technet article on how to set the DCOM permissions.

Have you installed the SCCM console on any other box, other than the server and this one XP box.
Also, make sure you have the console installed from the exact version of SCCM. For instance if you upgrade to SP2 on your server you need to upgrade the console to SP2 on the XP box by running the SP2 installer on XP.


Yes that article on TechNet was the same one I used to apply the DCOM permissions originally...but thanks...

I have also checked and confirmed the SCCM versions under Help>About on both the client and server are the same 4.00.6221.1000
I have installed the SCCM on a second client now...*sigh*...here's what I've found...
I hate it when users complain to me about faults possibly being WYSE boxe based but it seems only the WYSE client has this connection issue? I installed SCCM on a physical WinXP box in the exact same manner and from the exact same media set as the WYSE test client and it works on the physical box...???

Is this anything to do with further DCOM requirements and TS\RDP access I wonder...i.e. do I need to check whether users who are SMS Admins and want to use SCCM remotely via WYSE on a client VM have the correct RDP\TS access to the Site Provider...?

I am trying to check this but any pointers around this would be helpful...I will check this out and repost the findings as soon as I have any...


Versions were mismatched between the client machines and the Site Server...this is now fixed and working.
Does that mean my solution worked for you?


Upgrading the versions of the client configs has enabled them to connect.