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How do I view shared folders on the VPN host machine

RB_UK asked
I have set up a Vista machine to accept incoming connections via VPN over the internet.

I have successfully connected to the machine from the client showing on both machines but how do I access the shared folders on the host machine?

I have tried the following

XP Client Machine

Start / Run then entered \\homepc\VST Projects

(computername \ shared folder)

I get the pop up screen asking me to "connect to hompc"

I enter the username & password, the same as used for VPN connection settings but it does not seem to accept them with no error just presenting the User name & Password screen again.

Again, VPN is established, PPTP ports forwarded to the host machine

Thank you
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you need to be adding a username and password for the PC that his the relevant rights to the flles you are trying to access. To check you can connect try using the administrator account on the machine with the file shares on. If this is the case you can either carry on using it or set an account up on the host machine and pass those credentials through, or allow the vpn credentials access to the file shares


Thanks for your quick reply

I have activated the Administrator in Vista, created a password for the account but no success using these details to access the shared folder over the VPN, the "connect to homepc" window reappears.

The shared folder has sharing active, with Everyone (permission level: co-owner) and my account on the host machine (Permission Level: Owner) set in the "Choose people to share with options"

Shared folder on the machine is in account 'Ryan' on the desktop
Click on Start > Run > \\ipaddressoftheremotecomputer

and once you get the login prompt enter the username and password for the administrator's log in. You should be able to see the shared docs for admin.